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'Ansel Adams said: Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs

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My name is Robert Ancill and through my work, I have the privilege to see the world through its own eyes “I travel to countries that time has forgotten, that time is of the essence, and countries that have no time. Each country has its own fuel, its own motivation, and its own unique culture ” yet they all share the organism of humanity and the heartbeat of life.

For some of us, there is something very special about taking a photograph, the ability to capture an eighth of a second in time is in itself, an experience of immeasurable satisfaction.

Seeing the world through a lens takes patience, however the payoff is immense when something extraordinary is captured “a glance between two people, an emotional connection, or a static image of a place “all create a story that is locked forever.

Second to my family, my passion is photographing the world, its food and its citizens” being able to capture the raindrop in the storm, that can tell the whole story just one image; or a landscape that portrays a way of life; is for me, a deeply satisfying experience. I love the honesty in a photograph, the static movement and the interpretation – the exposure of a secret ” the more it says the less you know!